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Dance with Elite Dance Club TEAM!!!

Certified instructors and professional staff

Greg Rykowski was born in Mielec, Poland, where at the age of eight, he discovered

his love for dancing. At this young age, he attended an arts magnet school where he

began to learn Polish folk, Ballroom, Latin, ballet, jazz, modern, and tap dance. Greg

dove head-first into Ballroom dance where becoming a competitive 10-dancer was his

main focus. Through the years, he competed as an amateur and won many

championships in several age categories. Greg received a dance degree in 1994 from an

arts college in Poland. In March 1996 he received a specialized certification as a

Teacher of Ballroom and Latin dancing by the Imperial Society of Teachers of

Dancing – Great Britain.

Later that year, he moved to the United States and made Chicago his home. Soon after,

he opened his own dance school, Greg Rykowski Dance Studio. The Perfect Team

(Greg and Erin Marie), was encouraged and guided by many previous U.S. and World

Champions. They competed professionally (International Latin, American Rhythm and

Smooth), pursuing major titles on the International Professional Ballroom circuit.

Finally, in a culmination of their hard work, Greg and Erin became United States 9-

Dance Bronze Medallion Champions in 2007.

Soon after his dream for a professional career came true, Greg faced another

challenge… his goal was to pass his knowledge, passion and love for dancing onto his

Amateur Students (Pro/Am couple: professional partner and an amateur partner

dancing together). Greg become a coach, mentor and partner, teaching many

Amateur partners quickly and effectively. Together, as one TEAM he dances just like

on “Dancing with The Stars” participating in local & national dancesport competitions

in the U.S. Greg won (in American and International Styles) on many levels, and in

numerous championships and scholarships.

With different partners he won 4 times US Pro/Am Champion titles and Dancing

with the Local Stars.

This spike in success allowed him to form ELITE Dance Club and move to a new

location with 2 beautiful ballrooms. ELITE Dance Club quickly became the leading

dance studio in Chicagoland with a strive for excellence, quality and innovation.

So far Greg has won TOP Teacher 11 times and TOP Studio Awards. Greg

continues to produce very strong and accomplished students. Representing Team

USA he already competed around the world in 21 countries (in 6 continents), winning

many championships and scholarships and he became GLOBAL TOP TEACHER

twice and Top Studio Winner – Crown Cup Dubai (2018-2019).


Pamela Moor is a native Chicagoan, with Polish and Hungarian roots. She pays great thanks to her multicultural background for opening her eyes to a world of infinite possibilities and wonders through observing the many paths of life - no matter where one goes, true happiness always comes from within. During high school, Pamela made numerous visits to the hospital struggling with a chronic health condition. While medications worked temporarily, she was looking for a more sustainable - long term solution, and with a determined mindset found the answers she sought, challenging many beliefs she held prior, leading to a journey of discovery. Pamela is currently a student of Psychology at the University of Illinois in Chicago, and continues to inform her community as a Holistic Health Coach - combining both her knowledge of psychology and natural modalities of healing the mind and body. Earlier this year she was crowned as Miss Polski Illinois, and hopes to work alongside and inspire young women who seek a nourishing, and conscious life on all levels. Unlocking their unique potential and sharing it with the world!

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