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There are shortcuts to happiness, and dance is one of them...

We would like to invite you to the amazing world of dance and to join our Dance Family.
We offer affordable Ballroom and Latin dance lessons for all ages and levels whether you are a couple

or a single dancer.

Come join Elite Dance Club and learn the basics of Tango, Swing, Salsa... and more in just a few lessons!!!

Getting started...YES, YOU CAN DANCE!

...and it's EASY.

The best way to start as a New Student at Elite Dance Club is our first introductory lesson.

Greg Rykowski

Founder/Director / Master Teacher / Adjudicator

associated with the Highest Dance Organizations in the United States and the WORLD

GROUP lessons are an easy and fun way to learn new steps from the World Dance Program. No partner necessary! The element of fun, the driving music and the variety of classes we offer is what makes the dance classes at "EDC” so popular.


PRIVATE lessons are focused on technique and rhythm skills. Depending on your interest each lesson will be adjusted to your needs. We will help you achieve your goals in a fun and enjoyable environment. Whether you have two left feet or have a passion for competitive dancing, we will lead You... to your dreams come true!


PRACTICE and Social Parties are open to the public so bring your family and friends. We provide great music throughout the night, games, contests, raffles, snacks and refreshments and a short group lesson. It’s a great chance to socialize with your friends and practice lead and follow (all steps you work on in your class).




WEDDING Dance - we offer special packages for wedding couples preparing for their first dance. We promise to make your Big Day memorable by offering lessons that will be customized with your favorite songs or just teaching you basic foundations so you can feel confident on the floor.


YOUTH Program is offering private and group instruction for children ages four and older. We teach children how to develop discipline, self-confidence, communication, teamwork and social skills. Grace, poise, manners, balance, and strength are a few of the other added benefits that will be useful throughout their lifetime.


TECHNIQUE Seminars - You can improve grace, poise, balance, timing, and many more... with the most pleasurable and rewarding experience. We clearly explain technique and help you understand the body mechanics and character of each dance and style.


BALLROOM Workout - in this class all you have to do is move to your favorite music - some experience is required. At Elite Dance Club we teach all the moves you need to know to tone up and get fit, but also to improve coordination and dancing technique.

HIP HOP Program

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